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Is Malta Making You Pay Too Much to be Its Resident?

Malta has come up with some great programs to help foreigners reside in it as its permanent residents. However, you can’t move to the country just like that. You have to fulfill some requirements, and those requirements are clearly stated in the Malta citizenship by investment program. As per this program, you have to buy shares in Malta’s stock market and stick to them for at least 60 months to be eligible for the program. On top of that, around 650,000 euros from your money will go in a national fund for the development of the country.

You will also have to rent or buy a property in the country for your stay even when you are in the process of obtaining the citizenship. In fact, you cannot receive the citizen status unless you have spent a year in the country already. The property you own should be at least 350,000 euros or you must be paying a rent cumulative rent of 16,000 euros every year. Are these requirements too much? Some people believe that Malta is charging people too much for giving its citizenship. In reality, Malta is not charging anyone unfairly if you look at things closely.

First, you are going to live in the country so the money you give for development is going to be used on you. The money you invest in the stock market will make the country better financially, which is what you want because you will then be a citizen of this exact country. Don’t you want your country to be financially stable? Keep in mind that you can move not alone but your family members as well. In fact, you can move with your elderly as well. With so much flexibility and such a great environment of the country, there is no reason to call Malta’s citizenship by investment program unfair.

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