4 Ways Tickets Can Affect Your CDL License

A traffic ticket can be a major inconvenience and unexpected expense for any driver. However, tickets can be particularly concerning for people who make their living as commercial drivers. These are four ways that a ticket could affect your commercial driver’s license.

1. You May Receive a Penalty that Varies Depending on the Severity of the Infraction

The most serious infractions, such as operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit, leaving the scene of an accident, committing manslaughter with a vehicle or using a commercial vehicle to commit a felony could result in you losing your license and being banned from reapplying. Less serious infractions, such as speeding or parking tickets will usually result in less severe penalties. CDL traffic ticket lawyers may be able to help you defend a ticket you don’t feel is warranted or reduce your penalties.

2. You Could Get Suspended for Multiple Tickets

Even if none of your tickets are for serious offenses, if you get too many of them in too short a time frame, you could face serious penalties. Some states temporarily suspend the license of a CDL driver who gets two or more tickets in six-months. They may also permanently revoke the license of a driver who gets too many tickets in too little time. Because rules vary by state, consult your CDL handbook to find out what the penalties are in the states you operate in.

3. You Might Miss Out on Jobs or Have Trouble Getting Insurance

Insurance companies and employers consider your driving record when deciding whether to offer you a policy or a job. If you are getting tickets regularly, employers may decide you are too much of a risk to employ. Additionally, you may not be able to obtain insurance for your vehicle or if you do get a policy, the rates are likely to be higher.

4. You Could Face Penalities for Violations Committed in Personal Vehicles

Drivers of personal vehicles don’t face the same strict rules as commercial drivers; however, in some states, serious violations committed in a personal vehicle can result in the loss of your CDL. For this reason, it is a good idea to practice safe driving in your personal vehicle as well as your commercial vehicle.

Drivers of commercial vehicles can cause serious injury or property damage by driving recklessly. This makes it important for commercial drivers to always practice safe driving. Failure to do so could result in a loss of license and employment.


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