5 Ways to Reduce Workplace Injury Claims

A workplace accident, no matter how big or small, can have a devastating impact on your business. There is the potential to face a lawsuit brought by an Iowa workers compensation lawyer, but there is also the potential for lost labor and poor company morale. With costs so high, the best strategy for dealing with an employee injury at work is prevention. These actions can help reduce the threat of a workplace accident.

Develop a Safety Plan

Your business must have an organized approach to safety and employee wellness. Take into consideration the positions that have the most vulnerabilities, but also look at which employees are filling various roles around the company. Encourage a reporting system for hazardous behaviors or practices.

Conduct Thorough Training

You need to establish a culture committed to safety by thoroughly training all employees in the company’s safety practices, but train them how to be alert for safety issues. Management can’t be everywhere at once, and it is important for employees to take responsibility for their safety and everyone else’s. Don’t just focus on safety around machinery, chemicals, or process, but train employees in body mechanics to avoid injuries like sprains and strains during moving or lifting.

Check for Safety Vulnerabilities

There may be some areas that are more obvious by way of injuries, but even office personnel can experience sprains or other injuries. A thorough safety assessment of the company will identify all the areas with a potential safety concern.  You can either start with all the common injuries reported or you can go through each department before compiling a master list.

Provide the Right Protective Equipment

There are some industries where personal protective equipment is mandated by government and industry standards. Not only do you need to have enough items on hand for each individual, but everyone should know how to use it and wear it correctly. Hard hats, safety shoes, face protection, goggles, and earplugs are some of the more common items found on a job site.

Maintain Strong Staffing Levels

When employees feel pressure to perform or to produce more, they often overlook crucial safety strategies, especially when they are tired and overworked. Adequate staffing levels keep employees from operating equipment when tired or from cutting corners to get a project done.

Workplace safety should be a priority, but it should also be everyone’s responsibility. Set up a strategy to train in safety measures and to reduce exposures in critical areas.

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