Things You Should Never Do During a hurricane insurance Claim:

If you are going to be starting an insurance claim it’s likely that you might be in an extremely emotional state. Hurricane insurance claims are often some of the trickiest to navigate. Many people are distraught and they simply want to get their homes back after such a disastrous event. Even though these claims can be extremely overwhelming there are some toppings that you should never do in the process of a hurricane insurance claim:

Returning to your home early: first responders are going to be searching the area for survivors and they’re going to be helping people who have critical needs. Your home may be inaccessible or even dangerous to go into and you will be saving the authorities lots of confusion by staying out of the area.

Throw away all of your damaged items immediately: if it looks like your homes been entirely destroyed, don’t start throwing things out. You will have to save some of these items to have your property valued appropriately and your insurance company may require that their contractors do the work.

Waiting to contact the insurance company: contact the insurance company as soon as possible. As soon as there’s been damage done to your home, you need to get your claim in fast and get access to compensation. Storm claims can often take years to get through with the number of claims present. Making sure that you can get through and get your compensation will require early contact.

Letting the insurance representative do a quick investigation: insurance representatives will need to do a thorough investigation of the home to log all of the damage. If you let your insurance representative quickly examine the property or say that they don’t need to examine things too thoroughly because of the damage, make sure they spend the extra time on site.

Breaking down the damage and diagnosing its causes: many homeowners feel as though they need to diagnose the reason for damages to the insurance adjuster. Let the insurance adjuster determine how the damages were caused and let them find the damages that were caused by the event or you could be accused of insurance fraud.

Staying in your home: if your home is unsafe you need to make other arrangements. The insurance company may reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses such as having to stay in a hotel room.

Accepting the initial settlement: you do not have to accept the initial estimate for the amount of your loss. Most insurance companies attempt to close an open claim with a low offer in the shortest amount of time. If your cost of repair is greatly out value the quote that the insurance company gave you, fight for your right to dispute the initial settlement.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind regarding your insurance claim with a hurricane.

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