Useful Information About Bail Bonds

When a person is arrested, one of the first steps in the judicial process is being given a day and time to appear in court. During that initial court appearance, a judge may decide a signed agreement is needed for the defendant to appear at their next court date. If the arresting offense is more serious, however, the judge will post bail. Bail is basically a promise in the form of money that the defendant will appear at their next court date, which is where bail bonds come in. Here are some important facts about bail bonds.

What the Purpose of a Bail Bond Is

A bail bond pays for the amount of money the judge posted as the bail for the arrested party. So, if the defendant is not able to afford the full amount of the bail, they may pay some or all of it in the form of a bail bond. By using bail bonds York County PA for payment, the arrested party is able to walk around free until their next scheduled court date. Otherwise, they must wait behind bars until then.

Where To Get a Bail Bond

A bail bondsman is in charge of facilitating the process of the bail bond payment. Most of these agents work through a bail bond company. After the bail fee has been set, if the defendant is not able to pay the entire amount, the bail bond agent comes into play.

How Bail Bond Payment Works

In order for the bail to be paid by an agent, 10% of the bail amount is usually required beforehand by the defendant. If the arrested party does not have all of the money, whether it’s the full amount of the bail or the 10% owed to the bail bond company upfront, friends or family members are also allowed to contribute all or part of the amount owed. Then, if not enough cash is on hand, other forms of collateral are accepted in order to meet the rest of the bail amount requirements. Anything from credit cards to real estate can be used. This collateral acts as a form of security so that the defendant will be more likely to show up for their next court date.

The term “skipping bail” refers to when the defendant does not show up. If the defendant misses the court date, the bail bond company is responsible for paying the full amount, and the court takes everything owed directly from the company.

Working with a bail bond agent and securing the amount needed takes very little time. If the defendant knows how the process works and how much money is needed, getting out of jail until the court date should be a straightforward process.

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