What You Should Know About Bail Bonds

If you have ever known someone who was arrested, you may have wondered about the bail system and securing a bail bond if you are ever accused of a crime. These are things you should know about bail bonds.

About Bail

Bail is a, sometimes predetermined, amount of money that a judge will require a suspect to pay to get out of jail. If a person is accused of a crime and placed in jail, the jail may have a bail schedule or the suspect may have to attend a bail hearing where a judge will determine bail, unless the crime is a capital crime, which are not allowed bail.

Bond Availability

Unlike Lancaster County bail bonds, some states within the US have abandoned the bail system and adopted no-bail policies. In addition, Illinois, Maine, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Oregon, Kentucky and Massachusetts, in addition to Washington, DC do not allow bail bonds. Also, not every country allows for bail bonds. In fact, the Philippines is one of the only other countries, besides the United States, that has a bail bonds system.

How Bail Bonds Work

After bail is set, the suspect needs to pay the bail amount before being released from jail. At this point, friends and family of the accused often visit a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman is a third party that steps in to pay the bail. However, representatives of the suspect need to pay a fee to secure the bond. This nonrefundable fee is often 10% of the full bail amount.

The purpose of bail is to ensure that someone accused of a crime shows up to all the court dates scheduled by the judge and fulfills all the court’s requirements. When the case is over, the bail bondsman receives a full refund of the bail posted. If the accused violates court orders or doesn’t show up to court, the bail company has the right to recover the full bail amount from those who secured the bond.

Advantages of Bail Bonds

The greatest advantage of securing a bond is that the accused is quickly released from jail. In addition, the families of the defendant don’t have to come up with the entire bail amount right away. Bondsmen are also exceptional resources and can guide you through the court process. Securing a bond can also save individuals from embarrassment.

If you want more information about the bail system and the benefits of working with a bail bonding company, contact a bail bondsman.

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