Personal Injury

Can a DUI Victim Sue for Personal Injury?

When drivers get behind the wheel after drinking, they play a risky game, endangering the lives of others on the road. In fact, with their impaired judgment and reflexes, these people just don’t have the same ability to maintain safety as others, making a car accident far more likely to occur. Victims can suffer from severe physical and emotional injuries, needing help in the recovery process. With the right evidence and proper assistance, the law could hold the drunk driver responsible, providing compensation to those affected.

Gather Your Evidence

If you plan to sue, contact an car accident lawyer hernando county fl. The professionals should listen to your story, organize information, and file with the court. They’ll check to determine the validity of the case. For example, cases hinge on proof and the law. For example, at the scene, officers should have evaluated the impaired operator, checking for blood alcohol level. This information is needed to validate the personal claim. Without it, it would be difficult to challenge the driver’s condition. Furthermore, legal aid might assess your role in the event, eliminating any misconduct or fault.

Earning Judgment

How much you receive in damages depends on each case. Counsel might assess the physical impact of the incident: the loss of the vehicle, inability to work and medical bills. Reparation could be given based on this amount, if it exceeds the insurance offer or maximum. Also, consider the emotional strain and heartache this has created. Pain and suffering awards are given based on the need for medical help in recovery. This includes therapist visits and any psychological medicine that is needed.

While prosecutors file for DUI charges, you could be taking action on a personal level. Because your life was put on hold for someone else, this is a chance to receive something back, giving you a chance to heal and move on.

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