Personal Injury

Work Injury Prevention for Employees

No one wants to endure pain and disability, miss work, or pay medical bills due to a work-related injury. Your employer has a great deal of responsibility in protecting you as an employee, but you also have a responsibility to follow company policy, OSHA regulations, and common-sense safety precautions to keep yourself heathy and safe.

Use the Provided PPE

PPE, or “Personal Protection Equipment” includes but is not limited to things like gloves, masks, face shields, aprons, and goggles. They are designed and provided to protect you from chemicals, fumes, biohazards, and hot surfaces. Some employees think they don’t need them if they are careful, but you should always use them as directed when situations call for them. Failure to do so can make getting compensation after a work injury Iowa difficult or impossible if you end up injured.

Wear Propper Footwear

Steel-toed boots in a construction or warehouse setting protect your feet if heavy objects fall or get dropped on them. Wearing slip-resistant shoes give you much-needed traction working in environments where the floors may become slick such as in the food service or health care industries. Even regular high-top boots protect your ancles from wayward pallet jacks if you work in a department store. Some workplaces require these types of protective footwear in accordance with OSHA guidelines, but even if they don’t it still is a wise precaution to take.

Remove Dangling Jewelry

Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings can get caught in machinery or fall off into equipment or food. You should remove them before preparing and serving food or working with dangerous equipment. If your entire job consists of these things, it’s best to simply not wear them to work at all, even if your workplace permits you to do so.

Pull Your Hair Up

Long hair, even long facial hair, carries a similar risk of catching in equipment or contaminating food that dangling jewelry does. Wear a headscarf or hat if your workplace dress code permits. If not, at least be sure to keep long hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun. Keep beards and mustaches trimmed if your facial hair is not kept for religious reasons.

Point Out Hazards to Your Manager

Broken equipment, missing or damaged railing, faulty electrical wiring, and holes in the floor are all workplace hazards, so report them to your manager or site supervisor when you see them

Accidents happen, but following simple safety tips can prevent the majority of work-related injuries.

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